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 Solar panel repairs in Glasgow and Lanark



Solar PV Systems Repair Service

Having PV solar panels in the long run can save you money, but if your Solar PV system is in disrepair or in need of some TLC then you won't be reaping the benefits. Solar panels themselves, in general need very little upkeep but there will be times when an expert is needed to come in and repair your existing system to optimise efficiency or fix any damaged components.



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Common Causes For Solar Panel Repair



Lose Connections or Burnt Out Isolators 

Lose Connections and Burnt out isolators can cause all kinds of problems but can easily be fixed once found.

Faulty Parts 

Faulty parts could be reducing the efficiency of your system or stopping your system from working completely. Generation Meter fails and Inverter replacements are common problems we can help with.

Animal Damage

Local wildlife can cause damage to your system. Such as pigeons nesting under the panels. This can cause serious damage to cabling not to mention early morning noise disruption.


Storm Damage 

The UK weather can be unforgiving at times and storms can play a large part in damaging panels.


Installation Problems 

Problems can arise from the initial installation, especially if done incorrectly. Not only can this do damage to your panels, this may also incur problems in your roof.

Solar Efficiency 

Any of the factors above can effect your PV solar panel efficiency, but solar panels can accumulate dirt and dust over time and could just need general maintenance to keep them at there optimum.

Cracks or breakage 

Cracks and breakage can occur over time and will effect the running of your panels. Its a good idea to get these fixed or replaced as soon as possible.








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Solar Panel Maintenance 




Cleaning Panels

For the UK cleaning your panels is a rare thing due to the amount of rain that naturally washes down panels. However this is not true for some of the UK that will still need to give the panels a wipe down to get rid of some of the grime and bird droppings that may be covering large areas.

In the winter it is advised that the snow be swept clear where possible, allowing for the sun to get to your PV solar panels and continue to generate power throughout the winter season.


How can I tell if there's a problem with my panels?

Its not always Immediately clear that there is a fault with the panels or that they are not working efficiently. Some of the best ways to check this is either by checking your generation meter regularly or by comparing your actual production against the estimated annual production on your MCS certificate. Calculated correctly you should be easy achieving these totals. If there is any major differences, then there is a problem somewhere. 



Your solar panels should come with a guarantee upon installation , this is an indication of how long they should work at optimum performance. However this can be effected by a few factors such as the pitch of your roof and the direction they are facing. Having your solar panel at a higher angle will improve its self cleaning abilities. If you have a lower pitch to your roof and therefore a lower angle to your panels they may need extra help in cleaning, this is best done every other year.

Around the same time it is advised that you get a competent solar PV electrician in to check over the system to make sure all the connections are well made and safe.